My Mission



    Happy & Healthy Living provides a supportive environment to help our clients achieve their lifestyle goals. We believe in implementing gradual changes that are sustainable, personalized, following the science-based nutrition principles that contribute to our client’s health and happiness.

    Our target audience include women over 35 with special focus on perimenopause and menopause hormonal imbalances, weight loss resistance, pre-diabetes, depression and reducing the risks for cancer. Helping women opens the door to support other members of the family.

      My GOALS

      Sunshine Happy & Healthy Living is driven by a burning desire of educate and empower individuals to take responsibility for their wellbeing. Following a calorie dense and nutrient-deficient diet, not having enough sleep, lack of physical activity and excessive stress may have profound effect on people’s health. Like Zig Ziglar said: “you are free to choose but you are not free from the consequence of your choice.”   

      Sunshine Happy & Healthy living is committed to offer nutrition care following the principles of evidence-based science and the standards for ethics, professionalism and confidentiality.


        • Be Ready for a Change – take full responsibility of your health by listening to the wisdom of the body
        • Create a roadmap that support your health goals  considering your body type, genetics, and preferences by changing lifestyle, physical activity, attitude and dietary habits  and nutritional supplements.
        • Act and Thrive: be an active partner with your nutritionist  in your journey to health and wellness to better sustain the recommended changes.

        Integrative or Functional Approach to a Healthier Life

        • Take responsibility for daily choices and long-term consequences
        • Be Proactive and learned about the transformation power of lifestyle-based solutions.
        • Address the underlying causes of body imbalances to support health and happiness