Nutritional Breakthrough Session

Optimal Health Discovery Session

    Unlock the Best Version of You!

    Becoming the best version of yourself is a journey of body, mind and spirit. It’s about stepping towards a healthier body, enjoying a more fulfilling lifestyle and being the happiest version of yourself.

    Need Help to Upgrade your nutrition and take charge of your health?

    The first step is to schedule a Breakthrough Session with Aymee Perez, PhD/MS

    • Benefit #1: Discover how your everyday food and lifestyle choices affect your health, your family, your work and your overall happiness
    • Benefit #2: Identify which nutrition patterns are fueling your life goals and those that sabotage them and what to do about it
    • Benefit #3: Outline a custom-designed Makeover Program to take charge of your weight, energy, and health issues (without turning your life upside down or giving up your favorites dishes)

    When I started my program with Aymee I had some goals in mind that I had been putting off for some time simply because of the amount of planning that was necessary to improve my diet. She has helped me tremendously on my path towards wellness. Aymee is extremely knowledgeable and more importantly practices what she preaches. I recommend Aymee’s services to all my patients

    Dr. Raymond Tolmos

    Chiropractor Internist, Frontier Spine and Health Care

    Before I started this coaching period, I was not aware of many of the foods I could eat.  There was an array of choices I had never tried before.  I was able to integrate new ingredients to my recipes “the so-called superfoods, like chia seeds.”  ​ I tried new salads, new supplements. I also started meditating and yoga, and this has improved my body a lot. My pounds did not come off so easily, but I finally lost 18 pounds in a slow steady way.​ I have learned to listen to my body and take wiser steps towards a healthier life. By making these changes, my family also reaps the benefit because they’ve also started to follow my advice.

    Ariane Vico

    Airport Services Duty Officer, Qatar Airways

    Before beginning this journey, I was feeling depressed and frustrated about gaining weight. But after the first week of detox I started feeling better. The changes my body undertakes when I am eating healthy are amazing. I feel much better with more energy and are not suffering
    from acid reflux. I have much better energy and have lost weight. I’m cooking/preparing more foods with my boyfriend. We are both now more aware of the food choices and walk regularly. Working together keeps me motivated and excited about eating healthy. The most significant improvements, overall, are how I feel. I feel more energized and happier. And now that my boyfriend is joining me, we spend more time together.

    Edith Almanza

    Finance manager, Sanforce

    Nutritional Breakthrough Session

    Optimal Health Discovery Session