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IMPORTANT NOTE: It is ALWAYS recommended that you consult with an attorney for your terms and conditions.

  • Legal Business Name: Sunshine Happy & Healthy Living, LLC
  • Sunshine Happy and Healthy Living, LLC, is a counseling nutrition company registered in Miami, Florida since 2012.
  • Support Email: support@happyandhealthybychoice.com

The Client understands that the role of the Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS©) at Sunshine Happy & Healthy Living is not to prescribe, diagnose, treat, cure, prevent, reverse any disease, condition, or any other mental or physical disorder of the human body. Rather the CNS© is a counselor and guide who has been trained in human clinical nutrition using the principles of holistic, complementary, and alternative approaches that may include but are not limited to nutritional assessment, dietary recommendations, physical activities (yoga and aerobic exercises), relaxation techniques (meditation, breathing and stretching exercises), avoidance of toxic exposure, drinking filtered water, and nutritional supplements.

The Client understands that the CNS© is not acting as a medical doctor, psychologist, or other health care professional and any recommendation provided by the CNS© is not intended to replace the advice of any of these professionals.

In event that the Client is under the medical care of a health care professional and is using prescribed medications, the Client should inform his/her health care provider about any dietary changes, lifestyle modifications or potential nutritional supplements use and should not stop any medication without previous consultation with his/her doctor.

The Client should notify the CNS© of all medications and nutritional supplements that he/she is taking and any medical or physical conditions.

The recommendations from the CNS© may be based on the evaluation from some metabolic tests from urine and stool samples only for informational purposes. It is the Client’s responsibility to inform his/her health care provider about all the nutritional counseling recommendations and test evaluations performed during the Program. Be aware that mainstream medicine may interpret these metabolic tests differently, always follow your Physician’s advice.

When the Client has decided to work with the CNS© and understands that the recommendations received do not constitute a medical or nursing advice and are not replacing the care of licensed health professionals.


The Client assumes full the risks of the nutritional care including the potential complications of experimenting with new foods or dietary supplements and the risks involve with lifestyle changes. The Client releases the CNS© from any and all liability, damages, allegations, claims, suits, and demands associated with past or future participation in the Program, unless are the results from gross negligence of the CNS©.